AARVV VALLABHANENI STUDIOS – Outstanding Contributions to Fashion and Sustainability Upliftment women Empowerment- 2023, Hyderabad



In the realm of visionary pioneers, ArunaSree Sukala and Gopichand Vallabhaneni emerge as luminaries seamlessly weaving together culture, craft, and conscience through their brainchild – AARVV Studios. With a legacy that encompasses both celebrity fashion and cinematic brilliance, ArunaSree Sukala has embarked on an international odyssey, echoing her profound impact in the world of conscious luxury fashion. Alongside her stands Gopichand Vallabhaneni, the mastermind behind the AARVV Studios’ noble cause.

AARVV Studios stands at the forefront of a movement that harmoniously fuses India’s rich heritage textiles with avant-garde design under the discerning leadership of Sukala and Vallabhaneni. This dynamic duo’s brainchild, AARVV Studios, resonates with the ethos of sustainability, encapsulating within its collections the essence of age-old weaving techniques and pioneering the use of upcycled fabrics. Their ingenious efforts not only infuse empowerment into the very fabric of fashion but also catalyze a revival of traditional craftsmanship, a symphony of the past and the future.

The profound impact of ArunaSree Sukala and Gopichand Vallabhaneni’s vision resonates in the accolades they have garnered. The prestigious “Business Awards of AIRAA ICONIC Awards 2022” recognized their relentless drive, honouring them with the title of Best Entrepreneur Women. Further, the “Woman Leaders Forum 2023” bestowed upon them the accolade of “Innovative Start-up of the Year,” a testament to their groundbreaking approach to ethical entrepreneurship.

AARVV Studios stands as a testament to Sukala and Vallabhaneni’s unwavering commitment to spearhead ethical fashion into uncharted territories while honouring the sanctity of artisanal traditions. In a world increasingly defined by its environmental footprint, its studio emerges as a beacon of sustainable style, illuminating the path toward conscientious fashion choices. Their fusion of activism with aesthetics bridges the chasm between design and community upliftment, creating a harmonious narrative of style that echoes with social responsibility.

As AARVV Studios unfurls its creations onto the global stage, ArunaSree Sukala and Gopichand Vallabhaneni continue to be catalysts of transformative change. Their story, a captivating saga where activism meets aesthetics, is rewriting the narrative of fashion, infusing it with purpose, passion, and a resolute commitment to a better world.

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