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Prominent Shipping & Logistics Institution in Chennai

Logwiz was established in 2014 with a clear and primary objective to offer comprehensive training and robust placement support to freshers who are eager to enter the logistics market. Recognizing the immense potential and opportunities within the logistics industry, they are dedicated to equipping newcomers with the essential knowledge and skills required to navigate and excel in this dynamic field.

Their goal is to empower freshers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to thrive in the logistics industry. By bridging the gap between theoretical education and practical application, Logwiz aspires to contribute to the growth and success of both individuals and the logistics sector.

Logwiz aims to develop a future-ready pool of human capital that can effectively serve the broader shipping fraternity, in the process they assist aspiring individuals in pursuing their dreams of establishing a thriving career in the Shipping and Logistics industry.

About the COURSE

Logwiz’s unique certification course provides a fully work-based, short-term course in the Shipping and logistics industry, with 100% job placement assurance upon completion. Their training programs are specifically tailored towards the Liner and Freight Forwarding sectors of the industry.

The title of the Certificate program is “Certified Shipping and Logistics Professional.” The duration of the course is one month. With the advent of globalization, traditional job roles have undergone significant changes, yet very little emphasis has been placed on training that caters to the new contemporary work patterns and culture. Successful training is no longer just about passing an exam and obtaining a certification, but rather, it is about securing placements in reputable organizations and achieving success in the chosen field.

There is a shortage of trained resources to fill plug-and-play roles, creating a gap between supply and demand. To bridge this gap, Logwiz training modules are customized to meet the demands of new job roles in the logistics industry, specifically in the liner and freight forwarding sectors. Their extensive curriculum for work-based courses includes comprehensive coverage of end-to-end Ocean and Air Freight Management.

Logwiz’s VISION

Logwiz’s focus is on nurturing human capital that is well-equipped for the future and capable of making significant contributions to the shipping industry. They strive to develop individuals who possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and capabilities to excel in this dynamic sector.

From the perspective of

STUDENTS: To be identified as a “go-to place” to acquire knowledge in the Shipping and Logistics Industry.

CORPORATES: To be known as a reliable partner by providing candidates with exceptional industry


COLLEGES: To be known as a placement partner by training their students and aiding in securing placements at reputed Organizations.

INDUSTRY: To emerge as a best-in-class institute offering work-based short term courses in Shipping Logistics space

Logwiz is dedicated to delivering personalized work-based learning opportunities that provide our candidates with a competitive advantage in securing placements with top-notch Shipping and Logistics companies.

Way to go, LOGWIZ!

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