Smoky Docky – Best Emerging QSR Chain of the Year – 2023, South India



In just one short year, Smoky Docky has transformed the Indian food scene with its unique selling proposition (USP) – Shawarma on charcoal. What began as a humble endeavour has rapidly evolved into a nationwide sensation, with four flourishing outlets and an astonishing 600 franchise offers all over India. This sizzling success story is the result of the relentless passion and innovation brought forth by its visionary co-founders, Anush Shetty and Royal Kiran.

Anush Shetty and Royal Kiran, driven by their love for Shawarma and their dream of presenting it in an unmatched way, laid the foundation for Smoky Docky last year. With an unwavering commitment to quality and taste, they set out to craft a culinary experience that would captivate the taste buds of food enthusiasts across the country.

Smoky Docky’s game-changing USP – Shawarma on charcoal – was an instant hit. The concept of grilling marinated meats on a charcoal grill brought an entirely new dimension of flavour and aroma to traditional Shawarma. This distinct taste quickly spread by word-of-mouth, attracting hundreds of Shawarma aficionados to their first outlet.

The response from customers was overwhelming, and Smoky Docky expanded rapidly. With an increasing number of customers lining up every day to relish the smoky goodness, the founders decided to establish three more outlets to cater to the surging demand. Each branch alone churns out over 100 kilograms of Shawarmas daily, a testament to the unwavering popularity of their unique delicacy.

Customer satisfaction lies at the core of Smoky Docky’s success. The founders and their dedicated team are committed to delivering an unparalleled dining experience to each and every customer who walks through their doors. With over 3,000 happy customers served daily, Smoky Docky has won the hearts of food lovers nationwide.

The immense popularity and widespread acclaim have sparked a franchise frenzy for Smoky Docky. Entrepreneurs from various corners of India have expressed a keen interest in joining hands with Anush Shetty and Royal Kiran to replicate this culinary sensation in their cities. The impressive count of 600 franchise offers stands as a testament to the brand’s appeal and business potential.

At the heart of Smoky Docky’s success lies the unbridled passion and relentless pursuit of innovation by its founders. Anush Shetty and Royal Kiran’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the Shawarma experience has set them apart in the fiercely competitive food industry.

Leveraging the power of social media, Smoky Docky has taken the digital world by storm. Their Instagram handle (@smokydocky) has become a hub for food enthusiasts to explore enticing images of their smoky delights and stay updated on new offerings, events, and franchise opportunities.

Smoky Docky believes in giving back to society and has actively engaged in various community initiatives. They have contributed to local charities, organized food drives, and supported underprivileged communities, showcasing their commitment to being not just a business but also a responsible corporate citizen.

With their sights set on expanding beyond Indian borders, Anush Shetty and Royal Kiran envision Smoky Docky becoming an international sensation, introducing Shawarma on charcoal to global audiences. Their journey from a single outlet to a nationwide phenomenon is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and a unique culinary offering.

Smoky Docky’s rise to fame in such a short span is a testament to the ingenuity and dedication of its founders. The tantalizing aroma of Shawarma on charcoal continues to draw crowds, and the brand’s growing popularity paves the way for an exciting and flavorful future ahead. As the nation eagerly awaits the next chapter in the Smoky Docky saga, Anush Shetty and Royal Kiran stand tall as culinary trailblazers who have left an indelible mark on India’s food landscape.

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