Swapna Deepak | Tarot Reader and Scientific Logo Analyst Has Been Recognized As Women of 2023 by Business Mint


Swapna Deepak, a distinguished Tarot Reader, Scientific Logo Analyst, and expert in signature and handwriting analysis, is the visionary force behind Mystics Minds—a haven where cosmic insights and mystical services converge. With a remarkable career spanning over two decades in the corporate world, Swapna’s journey into the ethereal transformed her passion into a profound calling.

In the realm of Mystics Minds, Swapna seamlessly merges professionalism with personalized mysticism, creating a unique sanctuary for individuals embarking on transformative journeys. For her, astrology is not just a career; it’s a way of life—a conduit through which she imparts positive change to lives across the globe.

As the proud owner of Mystics Minds, Swapna offers more than just exquisite ornaments in the form of crystals; she provides gateways to profound energies. Curating a collection of crystals handpicked with care, each piece reflects the ethos of Mystics Minds—a place where the mystical meets the mindful.

Beyond the tangible allure of crystals, Swapna’s expertise extends into various mystical realms. Clients can experience the ancient art of tarot card reading, delve into the healing realms of Angel Invoking, explore the nuances of astrology, and benefit from her insightful signature and handwriting analysis. The services offered at Mystics Minds stand as a testament to Swapna’s commitment to providing a holistic and personalized approach to mysticism.

With over two decades of navigating the corporate landscape, Swapna brings a wealth of wisdom to her mystical endeavors. The unique blend of professionalism and esoteric knowledge creates an environment where clients not only receive insightful guidance but also embark on a profound journey of self-discovery.

Mystics Minds transcends the conventional definition of a business; it is a sanctuary where individuals find solace, guidance, and positive transformations. Swapna invites everyone to step into the world of Mystics Minds and experience the profound change that awaits.

In the realm of Mystics Minds, Swapna Deepak isn’t just a practitioner; she is a guide, a mentor, and a facilitator of positive change. Her journey, marked by dedication, wisdom, and a deep connection to the mystical, has shaped Mystics Minds into a sanctuary where individuals can tap into the cosmic wisdom and find the transformative power within. Step into the world of Mystics Minds, where the mystical meets the mindful, and embrace the journey of self-discovery and positive transformation guided by Swapna’s multifaceted expertise.

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