Deepti Nadiminti – Founder & Director – Deepti Nadiminti MakeUp & Cosmetic Studio – Most Promising Skincare Professional – 2023, Hyderabad in Permanent MakeUp & Cosmetic Industry



“Affordable Luxury” – sounds like an oxymoron but to make this possible is the motto says Deepti Nadiminti, founder and director of Deepti Nadiminti Permanent MakeUp & Cosmetic Studio.

Permanent MakeUp a.k.a Semi Permanent MakeUp is the latest beauty discovery which vouches to give long lasting results and thus save one’s time on a daily basis. Deepti Nadiminti is an expert in this field which offers services like Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip Blush, Skin Care etc. This method involves infusing pigment into the Skin to give the desired look one wishes to have.

“There are a lot of men and women who have gaps in the Eyebrow shape, who are not happy with the shape and thickness of the brows, who have pigmented (dark) lips, uneven skin tone, unwanted hair problems, fat deposition and the list of beauty needs goes on. We at Deepti Nadiminti Permanent MakeUp & Cosmetic Studio, solve all the Cosmetic hurdles to give one Beauty and ultimately Self Confidence”, says Deepti.

Born in a Conservative family, whose primary requisites were studies and a Government job, beauty and cosmetics inevitably took a back seat. Contrast to this, Deepti inculcated interest in grooming right from the childhood. Due to the same, she would always keep a track of the latest trends and procedures in this field. That was how she came to know about this new Beauty procedures which she felt can be life changing. 

Let me tell you a small story, “I had a Client who was a 54 year old Woman with almost no Eyebrows, lot of Melasma marks, sagging Skin, which made her look much older to her age. Upon contemplation I realised this is the case with most of the Women in her age group. I’ve convinced her for Eyebrow NanoBlading and her reaction was Priceless! It felt she looked half her age and unknowingly she sounded more Confident too post the Brow Makeover. She completely justified our tagline of Feel Beautiful. Age Later. It was then I’ve decided to create more awareness about Self Love and been working to achieve it. 

Being a Banker prior to this, it wasn’t very easy to switch profession says Deepti. “I used to work for a prestigious Public Sector Bank though my interest was always towards Beauty. It was my Husband who had noticed this and has been the continuous push to pursue my passion. He has invested all his earnings and a lot more funds were mobilised through loan to support my training and establish the Studio. Family was skeptical to quit a secured job but after seeing my work and passion, they’ve been extremely supportive. 

If someone asks Deepti what Vision she has, prompt came her answer – “Affordable Luxury”. “Currently all the Permanent MakeUp and Cosmetic services available fall under the premium category to an extent. There are a large set of people who wish to get the service done but aren’t able to afford. According to me, none should be deprived from Self Love. Be it Eyebrows or our exclusive CC Glow Treatment for Skin, each treatment helps one Transform themselves and boost their Confidence. Hence, I am striving to make all the services affordable to everybody” opines Deepti.

Beauty no longer should be considered an Elite service as well as a taboo. Wish to transform yourself, Deepti Nadiminti Permanent MakeUp & Cosmetic Studio is the one stop solution for anybody and everybody signs off Deepti Nadiminti. 

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