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Kaun Bhatia, a versatile creative director and filmmaker, has made a mark in the world of storytelling and visual arts. Hailing from vibrant cities like Goa, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata, he’s no stranger to the bustling life of airport terminals that often accompany his nomadic lifestyle.

By day, Kaun immerses himself in the creative realms of writing and filmmaking, sculpting narratives that resonate with audiences. To keep the snacks stocked and lights on, he moonlights as a Creative Director at Cape Agency, using his skills to create effective digital strategies and campaigns that assist brands in making their mark in today’s online landscape.

To sustain his artistic endeavors, Kaun channels his talents into filmmaking. He has recently completed a fiction film titled “Napaak,” slated for release in 2024. This cinematic endeavor promises to captivate audiences with its gripping storytelling and visual allure.

In addition to his fictional work, Kaun is also passionate about shedding light on social issues through documentary filmmaking. His latest project, “Najaat,” delves into the state of education in Kargil, offering a poignant exploration of the challenges and opportunities faced by the region. Currently in post-production, “Najaat” is poised to spark meaningful conversations and drive positive change upon its release.

Having worked almost every day of my life since he was 14, Kaun has skillfully rebranded watching films and scrolling through Instagram as ‘research. His journey in the industry spans a diverse array of roles including animator, editor, assistant director, director, writer, and creative director, accumulating over a decade of invaluable experience. With a rich portfolio that includes contributions to feature-length films, shorts, documentaries, and series, Kaun has also ventured into poetry, book authoring, and crafting film scripts, each endeavor enriching his creative repertoire.

In his latest endeavor, Kaun has embarked on a new venture with his newsletter, “Kaun Kehta Hai?”, where he intricately explores literature, films, and advertising, offering readers profound insights and musings. It’s a platform where he not only shares his personal experiences but also collaborates with talented individuals to provide diverse perspectives.

Driven by an unwavering passion to challenge conventions and inspire audiences globally, Kaun continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of storytelling and visual arts. From the vibrant streets of metropolitan cities to the tranquil serenity of mountain landscapes, each unique experience shapes his perspective and ignites his creative spirit.

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