Nasreen Javida – Proprietor – Shop N Save – Best Emerging Women Entrepreneur of the Year – 2023, Chennai in Event Management Category



A B Tech graduate, I Started off my career as a customer support and upsell representative, followed by a short stint as a technology trainer, training more than 500 in over a period of 2 years. Had to take some time off due to personal reasons, but my passion to “get back to business” drive me to  become a fully fledged entrepreneur. conducting and organizing customised programs for teens and pre-teens   Managing events, focussing on planning and organizing customized events as per the need are my success mantra, coupled with my never say die attitude ability to turn difficult situations to favorable ones. 

A mother of 2, spending time with them is what drives me outside of work. My husband and my kids are my biggest support. And ofcourse my friends. Having people around and their support and connections are the biggest fortune one can have. I have them around me.

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