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Business Mint brings Nationwide Women Excellence Awards 2021 to honor Women for their phenomenal work. Their achievements as individuals or in organizations are a symbol of working towards empowering women.

While we just got over with welcoming another shaking year, International Women’s Day has arrived. Here’s a cheer on for every one of the ones who buckled down towards calling out on common prevalent gender equality NATIONWIDE WOMEN EXCELLENCE AWARDS-2021 is back to honor Women’s Empowerment.

Coronavirus has ended numerous things this year. But one thing very much on the calendar is International Women’s Day, the worldwide event to celebrate this occasion that celebrates Women’s success in every field from household to the economic, social, and political and the list goes on. It was imperative to encourage women to take up the profession of their choice and empower them to become more economically and financially independent and respect their decision. However, there are issues related to harassment, exploitation, and gender discrimination and efforts should be made to review them besides creating more awareness on gender equality.

Year after year, confident, courageous, savvy, and determined women from everywhere the nation become to make it big and roar success and win in different fields. They make India proud with their real record of achievement. The NATIONWIDE WOMEN EXCELLENCE AWARDS-2021 is a great achievement in which there are more than 1200 nominations came from across different industry areas, for example, Trading, Education, Health, Architectural, Marketing, Media, Real Estate, NGO’s, etc. After selecting the most creative and bright-minded nominees, there were 40 winners under several unique classifications. 

The status of women in the Indian culture has gone through an uncommon change in the previous few decades. From being a simple housewife to working as a dynamic performing multiple tasks individual, women in India have had the option to effectively cut out a specialty for themselves and leave behind an imprint in different spheres of life, including in male-dominated professions. Women are playing a crucial part in the growth of the economy and have had a generous effect and made progress across all areas. However, Indian women in manufacturing represent just 20% of the total workforce which is generally less compared with different nations, similar to China.

There has been a constant expansion in the percentage of women entrepreneurs in India. However, there exists a desperate need for more women’s participation in the country. Female talent remains the most underutilized asset in the country. India positions 87 out of 144 nations on the Global Gender Index Gap, according to the report which analyzes the data across four parameters: Health, education, political empowerment, and economical cooperation and equality. It is an important thing indeed to perceive the hard work of every individual who assumes a part in the Global business landscape. After all, women can take all forms and are from varying backgrounds. They are of every race, gender, background, and sexuality.

Even though various women deserving of honor in their field of excellence, we name a couple of pioneer Indian women here who have established a long-term impression on the world.



  1. Zeinia Samar ( Olympic Gold Quest ) – Industry Expert – 2021, Sports Physiotherapist Category
  2. Shyla Talluri ( People For Urban and Rural Education Inc ) – Inspiring Women – 2021, Girl Education & Rural Development Category
  3. Payal Rajpal ( Robotex India |  Hack the Crisis, India ) – Excellence in Education & Technology Category – 2021
  4. Sakshi Duggal Kumria ( Numerologist / Vastu Consultant / Life Coach ) – Excellence in Numerology & Life Coach Category
  5. Akta Sehgal ( Manas Management ) – Outstanding Women Entrepreneur – 2021, Financial Products & Business Consulting Category
  6. Deeksha Ahuja ( Influencer ) – Emerging Influencer – 2021, Food & Beauty Category
  7. Darshankaur Khalsa ( Waggy Zone ) – Emerging Women Entrepreneur of the Year – 2021, Pet Food Category
  8. Rupali Joshi ( Acumen Healthcare and Wellness Pvt Ltd ) – Emerging Women Entrepreneur – 2021, Healthcare & Wellness Category
  9. Bharati Mahapatra ( Xqbic Ventures Private Limited ) – Emerging Women Entrepreneur – 2021, Production & Entertainment Category
  10. Shivani Malhotra ( Positive Vibes Consulting ) – Outstanding Women Entrepreneur – 2021, Training & HR Consulting Category
  11. Pooja Singh Chauhan ( Blissful Plans Events & Media Pvt Ltd ) – Emerging Women Entrepreneur – 2021, Media & Event Planning Category
  12. Saritha S S ( Jivan Organics  ) – Emerging Women Entrepreneur – 2021, Organic Store Category
  13. Ashwini B ( VAS Boutique ) – Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year – 2021, Fashion Boutique Category
  14. Ratika Seth ( GRATITUDE CONCEPTS ) – Emerging Life Coach of the Year – 2021
  15. Kushal Singhal ( MomChipper ) – Best Emerging Parenting Coach – 2021
  16. Reema N Jain ( Wubw Skincare Pvt Ltd. ) – Emerging Women Entrepreneur – 2021, Skin & Hair Care Products
  17. Priya Yabaluri ( WORLD ART FAIR ) – Emerging Entrepreneur 2021 – Promoting Art
  18. Preeta Pereira ( PPDC WORLD ) – Best Emerging Dance Choreographer & Performer – 2021
  19. Dr.Nalini Parabathula ( Channel Head – Mutual Fund Industry ) – Inspiring Women – 2021, Social Welfare & Service Category
  20. Smita Thorat ( Brandniti ) – Outstanding Women Entrepreneur – 2021, Branding & Digital Marketing Category
  21. Ruchika Verma ( The Info Solution ) – Outstanding Women Entrepreneur – 2021, Software Solutions Category
  22. Ar. Darshita Patani-Shah ( D’s Design Studio ) – Inspiring Architect & Interior Designer – 2021
  23. Divya Basavaraju ( Go Resume ) – Best Emerging Certified Resume Writer – 2021
  24. Nisha Rishab Lamba ( Nisha’s French Classes ) – Promising Educator with Excellence in French Classes – 2021
  25. Vishnu Priya. G ( Vsense Nature Pvt Ltd. ) – Young Woman achiever of the Year 2021
  26. Minali Thakkar ( ART APPROACH – Art Advisory Firm ) – Creative Entrepreneur of the Year – 2021
  27. Sridevi Ravichandran ( K7 Computing Pvt Ltd. ) – Promising Industry Expert – 2021, Digital Marketing
  28. Dr.Archana Gupta ( Masala Mumma ) – Promising Women Entrepreneur – 2021, Innovative Food Category
  29. Dr. Anupa Walia Lokwan ( Endoscopic Gynaecology surgeon | MBBS, MD(OBS) ) – Promising Gynaecologist in Bhopal – 2021
  30. Pinky Tripathi ( Thakur Ramnarayan Public School; ICSE (TRPS) – Promising Educator – 2021, Mumbai
  31. Oshikka lumb ( Author, Entrepreneur & Marketing Expert ) – Women Serial Entrepreneur 2021
  32. Neesha B ( Ace Finvest ) – Promising Women Entrepreneur – 2021, Finance & Real Estate Industry
  33. Neha Kapoor ( DGTL Innovations LLP ) – Excellence in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce -2021
  34. Sakshi Agrawal ( Thinking Spree ) – Best Emerging Women Entrepreneur – 2021, Business Consulting Category
  35. Geetanjali Purohit ( Shadowfax Technologies ) – Inspiring  Industry Expert – 2021, Creative Marketing Category
  36. Hinal Kenil Jain ( Hinal’s Happy Hub Reiki Healing & Wellness ) – Excellence in Teaching the Power of Reiki – 2021
  37. Arpana Sharma ( Aryan HR Solutions & Aryan Counseling Centre ) – Best Emerging Women Entrepreneur – 2021,  HR Solutions & Counseling Centre Category
  38. Jyotsna Jha ( Creative Vision Society ) – Excellence in Women Empowerment – 2021
  39. Bhavana Pradyumna ( Carnatic Conservatory of Paris ) – Excellence in Promoting Indian Culture through Music & Dance
  40. Kunjal Pal ( DIVA Uplifting Women ) – Inspiring Women – 2021, Uplifting Women Category

Mr. Vinay Kanth Korapati, Founder of Business Mint says, Women should endeavor to leave a mark in their picked field, and there was no field where they have not had their effect. Women are present in social, political, modern, economic, and cultural fields and are not bound to stay inside the four walls of their homes. We have given almost 1000+ awards till now and looking forward to making more women feel proud.  It’s privileged to honor the NATIONWIDE WOMEN EXCELLENCE AWARDS-2021 and would like to continue to award the winners who are eligible in this category every year. However, these pioneer women have devoted themselves to winning regardless. With the advent of innovation and digitization, there is an evolution in the way women are working together. Some of them are already successful entrepreneurs and many more are joining the ‘young entrepreneurs group.’ To make ‘Make in India’ a success, women’s participation should be empowered and promoted as the key drivers.

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