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Pune,26th July 2023: The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) is excited to announce their upcoming event, BRAND TALKS: UNRAVELING SUCCESS STORIES, featuring Rakshay Dhariwal, the Founder & Managing Director of Pass Code Hospitality, Co-founder & Director of India Cocktail Week, and Founder & Managing Director of Maya Pistola Agave Pura. This much-anticipated event will take place on Tuesday, August 1st, starting at 7 PM at One Lounge in Koregaon Park, Pune.

BRAND TALKS: UNRAVELING SUCCESS STORIES is gearing up to be an exceptional evening packed with inspiration and significant insights from Rakshay Dhariwal, an accomplished figure in the hospitality industry. Rakshay Dhariwal, the Founder and Managing Director of Pass Code Hospitality, has successfully created and maintained a portfolio of renowned restaurants and bars, making an indelible impact on the sector.

Rakshay Dhariwal is an important player in the beverage industry in addition to his expertise in the restaurant business. He has played an essential role in boosting the combination scene and creating an atmosphere for bartenders to showcase their craft as the Co-Founder & Director of India Cocktail Week. Additionally, his business, Maya Pistola Agavepura, shows his dedication to agave-based spirits by providing a variety of premium products that have received recognition in the industry.

Mr. Praful Chandawarkar, NRAI Pune Chapter Head and Founder and Managing Director of Malaka Spice, expressed his excitement about the upcoming event, said, “We are thrilled to host BRAND TALKS: UNRAVELING SUCCESS STORIES with Rakshay Dhariwal. His outstanding achievements and innovative spirit serve as an example for the entire sector. Without a doubt, this event will inspire and encourage our participants, fostering the expansion and success of the restaurant industry.”

Attendees will have a unique opportunity at BRAND TALKS: UNRAVELING SUCCESS STORIES to learn from Rakshay Dhariwal’s experiences and receive insightful knowledge about his journey. This event is intended for aspiring business owners, professionals in the industry, and enthusiasts interested in the secrets to success in the hospitality and beverage industries.

About NRAI:

National Restaurant Association of India is the voice of the Indian Restaurant Industry. Founded in 1982, it represents the interests of 500000+Restaurants, an industry valued at INR 4.23 lakh crores. Being the leading association of the Indian Restaurant Industry, NRAI aspires to promote and strengthen the Indian Food Service Sector. NRAI aspires to lead the Indian Restaurant Industry to greater profitable growth. It represents the interests of members through advocacy, training, research and industry events.

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