Vivek Loganathan, EVP – Growth & Media – Social Beat – Programmatic Strategies Category

Vivek Loganathan is a seasoned professional with over 13 years of experience in the realm of digital marketing, boasting advanced Google Black Belt certification. His primary objective revolves around aiding clients in expanding their businesses by identifying and engaging new customer bases. With a track record of successfully implementing comprehensive digital strategies, Vivek excels in delivering tangible business results.

As a digital marketing specialist, Vivek oversees projects from inception to completion, meticulously managing costs, deadlines, and performance metrics to ensure the seamless execution of digital strategies. His approach emphasizes regular client engagement, allowing him to tailor strategic digital growth plans according to their unique objectives and requirements.

A cornerstone of Vivek’s expertise lies in crafting and executing social media strategies tailored for lead generation, community engagement, and interaction. With experience managing advertising campaigns with substantial budgets across various platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Vivek demonstrates his adeptness in maximizing returns on investment.

Vivek’s proficiency extends to utilizing advanced tools such as Google Adwords Editor, Power Editor, and automated rules and scripts to efficiently handle large-scale ad campaigns while consistently delivering measurable business outcomes. He is equally adept at tracking, analyzing, and summarizing campaign progress through platforms like Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, Mixpanel, and Appsflyer.

In the realm of mobile app marketing, Vivek focuses on enhancing app installs and user retention through app store optimization and mobile marketing strategies. Leveraging tools like Crazy Egg for heat mapping and Optimize for A/B testing, Vivek derives actionable insights to optimize user experience and drive lead conversion.

Vivek’s accolades speak volumes about his prowess in the digital marketing sphere. Acknowledged as the Digital Media Planner of the Year by Voot and Social Samosa in 2021, Vivek’s contributions to digital media planning are widely recognized. Additionally, his Google Black Belt certifications and prestigious awards like the Google Mobile Innovation Award and Google Display Innovation Award underscore his commitment to excellence and innovation in digital marketing.

In his role, Vivek adeptly manages the entire lifecycle of digital projects, from strategy and design to development and optimization. His expertise in cohort-wise content segmentation ensures targeted engagement with diverse audience segments, while his proficiency in full-funnel marketing enables him to orchestrate comprehensive advertising campaigns across prominent platforms.

With a keen focus on data-driven decision-making, Vivek regularly optimizes and reports on ad campaign performance, ensuring that campaigns are finely tuned for optimal results. His dedication to lead nurturing and relationship cultivation further underscores his commitment to maximizing conversion potential for clients.

Vivek Loganathan’s holistic and hands-on approach to digital marketing encompasses strategy, design, development, advertising, optimization, and ongoing performance analysis, making him a trusted partner for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital landscape.

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