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Combination’s is a new age design firm with a vision to Transform imagination to life. With an unorthodox Understanding of the design, Combination’s was Founded by  Mr.Arun Kumar Pemmasani in the year 2002 with a great Passion And Successfully Completed 500+ Projects. 

we at our firm believe that each Space has a story to tell and is representative of the people

Who inhabit it. Each project envisaged by us is bespoken to the style and taste Of the client, making us a leading pacesetter in the field.Our versatile team encompasses leading industry professionals Working towards a shared goal of bringing prowess and finesse In each endeavour we undertake. We specialize in variety of hospitality projects including

Homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes, boutique interior spaces etc. We Are new age passionate designers who believe that Design Engages with the user’s whole being and has to touch the user at Various levels and not just visually.

We bring almost a decade of experience in design and technical Excellence. Through it all, we never lose sight of our core focus on Quality and professionalism. Our drive to create innovative

Solutions, tempered by experience gained by our long and Successful stint in the industry, is what sets us apart from our Competitors.

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