Deepti Mahesh, Managing Director – Kydz Adda Has Been Recognized As Women of 2023 by Business Mint 



Deepti Mahesh, the founder of Kydzadda, embraces the beauty of passion as the driving force in her multifaceted life. Juggling roles at home and in the office, her commitment to family and work stands as a testament to her strength and versatility, deriving joy from the challenges she undertakes.

Having earned a Master’s in Computer Science from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Deepti dedicated over 12 years to the IT industry as a Business Analyst. The shift from her hometown, Hyderabad, to Melbourne, and eventually settling in Bangalore, presented a unique set of challenges. With two toddlers in tow, the transition was not without its hurdles.

The spark for Kydzadda ignited from the growing influence of gadgets in the children’s market. Rooted in a belief in the importance of physical activity for kids, Deepti conceptualized an indoor play area that went beyond mere entertainment. The journey from ideation to realization spanned two years, marked by challenges in importing equipment and the capital-intensive nature of the venture.

In 2014, when bringing international play equipment to India was uncommon, Kydzadda emerged as a comprehensive solution for families with young children. Beyond a soft play gym, it offers a library, a parent-friendly café, and versatile party halls that have become sought-after venues for children’s birthdays. Deepti’s commitment extends to celebrating various occasions and organizing events, workshops, and activities for holistic child development.

Kydzadda’s workshops cover a diverse range, including art, craft, music, STEM, story-telling, puppet shows, and puppet making. These activities contribute to the overall growth and learning experience for the children who participate.

Deepti Mahesh’s reflection on her journey emphasizes the unforeseen opportunities that present themselves. Recognizing and leveraging these opportunities, she believes, is a pivotal aspect of success. For businesswomen, achieving a balance between work and life is paramount, and Deepti acknowledges the sacrifices and compromises that often come with this pursuit.

With a decade of successfully running Kydzadda, managing two centers, and overcoming numerous challenges, Deepti finds fulfillment in the enduring journey. Her story is an inspiration to those who navigate the delicate balance between professional success and personal fulfillment. As she states, enjoying both the work and home aspects of life makes the journey not just manageable but also rewarding and effortless. Deepti Mahesh’s dedication to Kydzadda and her resilience in the face of challenges exemplify the remarkable journey of a businesswoman who finds joy in the intricate dance of life and work.

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