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JAD Studio Founded and led by Amit Jadav, his strength stems from his academic background acquiring outstanding grades for his one-of-it’s-kind thesis at St Francis Institute of Art and Design (Mumbai) to getting his advance degree in Interior & spatial Design from University of Arts London. From academics to professional practice, it has been an eventful transition for Amit who was a part of the project, which had won an international award in New York for an auditorium project and became the only Indian firm to win it while he was practicing with mentor Ar Kalhan Mattoo, while also being recognised one of Top iGen 50 Designers in india.

Awarded the Most Creative Interior Designer Firm of 2020, Maharashtra, Amit Jadav and his organization have made an indelible impression in the world of design. An impression they plan on upgrading and refining further with every project they take on. Jadav& style is to nurture creativity and bring out exceptional of Art & Design. results within the bounds of feasibility and practicality.

Amit Jadav believes the future of design will focus on clean lines, European colors, biophilia and chick design. The firm lays an emphasis on sustainability and foresees its growing importance post pandemic in the design world. They have experience with local materials and manufacturers and have completed several prominent international projects, in the residential as well; as commercial sector. At the age of 37, Jadav already has a number of impressive projects under his belt, feathers on his cap and awards on his shelf.

While he “dares to be different”, he’s absolutely clear on the practicality, feasibility and viability of solution he offers, successfully delivering projects across typology from corporate offices, retail space, auditoriums, restaurants, exhibition space, CSR activities and celebrity residences. Amit frequently works in collaboration with London based firm for Furniture designs as well as with renowned architect Kalhan Mattoo in few Asian and Middle East countries. Along with Kalhan, he’s also the co-founder of Studio DXB which is a technology driven studio that delivers unique ecosystem of interior design solutions. Amit is also a TEDx speaker for Simsree chapter held in October 2021 in Mumbai. Being an alumni of St Francis institute, he got chance to serve as a lecturer & Amit is training the upcoming designers right from college. When comes to social responsibility he’s a member of ‘Prem Sangh – NGO.

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