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WolArc Studio

we turn ideas into works of art.

At WolArc, we take our job very seriously. We pride ourselves in our custom craftsmanship, product planning and an unravelling dedication to providing our clients with the best possible building experience. With a multi-disciplinary structure, we can maximize efficiency, while at the same time offer additional support without any added cost. Established by leading visionaries and headquartered in Ahmedabad, WolArc specializes in creating Architecture that encapsulates, Interiors that transcend excellence and Product Planning that mirrors imagination. To build exceptional statures, we corroborate with our expert partners who we know will add extra charm to your projects. Laid on strong pillars of innovation, creativity and integrity, the entire team at WolArc unvaryingly applies values that can beautifully transform any dream into a vivid reality. With a legacy of successful global projects that speak of our unmatched professionalism and innovative approach, our firm focuses on offering the clients with results that surpass their Expectations.

Join us and become one of the many spoken stories of WolArcs exceptional architecture and vivacious journey.



Our architectural plans come to life with response to the physical and environment context of the place, its aesthetic and potential features. WolArc believes in creating masterpieces of form and space that are memorable and inspirational!


Combining all the elements of contemporary Interior Designs, we curate aesthetics that reflect your imagination! WolArc is primed to transition every project into a work of art that soothes your soul.


Every project goes through a plethora pre-planning, design alterations and so on. We at WolArc, simplify the entire process, with our technical and creative skills that result in creation of industry leading statures.

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