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KIYARA INNOVATIONS Private Limited: A Journey of Progress from 1990 to 2023

The tale of KIYARA INNOVATIONS Private Limited unfolds as a captivating journey that began in 1990, marked by humble beginnings and unyielding determination. This remarkable expedition continues to thrive, unfazed by the passage of time. The narrative of this enterprise is one that evokes immense pride, narrating a trajectory of growth and achievement.

Commencing with tentative steps, KIYARA INNOVATIONS embarked on its odyssey in 1990, initiating its path by undertaking modest contracts. The inaugural project encompassed the plastering of two walls within the confines of a neighbour’s apartment. This modest venture marked the genesis of a transformative expedition that lay ahead.

At its inception, the company was a fledgling entity, devoid of prior experience in the realm it aimed to conquer. Undeterred by the absence of expertise, the founder embarked on a quest for knowledge and skill enhancement. This unwavering pursuit led to the decision to enroll in a Diploma program in Interior Designing through Distance Education. Subsequently, armed with a qualification in Civil Engineering, the journey advanced further. The pinnacle of academic accomplishments was achieved with a Doctorate in Construction Engineering from the esteemed National American University 🇺🇸.

The evolution from KIYARA Associates to the present-day KIYARA INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED signifies a momentous transformation. What once began as a proprietary firm has now metamorphosed into a distinct brand. Over the course of three decades, the enterprise has solidified its presence in domains such as Interior Designing, Civil Contracting, Waterproofing, and diverse services intertwined with the construction sector.

The crowning achievements of KIYARA INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED are underscored by an array of accolades, both domestic and international. These laurels stand testament to the exceptional quality of work the company consistently delivers. The uniqueness of the in-house formulated Waterproofing Chemicals serves as a hallmark of the enterprise’s innovative spirit. These compounds, meticulously crafted within the company’s premises, encapsulate the essence of KIYARA’s dedication to excellence.

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