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Founded in 2022, Nexus World is a design firm based in Gurgaon and Delhi, operating in the field of architecture, interior and industrial design. We offer tailor-made solutions for every

project that has a unique identity according to its context. Our design philosophy is centered around seamlessly blending function and aesthetics, and evolving our designs past established paradigms to best fulfil our client’s visions.

Our vision-

Our vision is to achieve beauty through research of detail and precise juxtaposition of materials, imbue each commission with a timeless quality of its own and to create identity for ourselves and inspire and encourage the people around us by the means of our design.

Our mission-

Our mission is to provide our clients the most creative and innovative version of their vision. To listen and work closely with our clients to make sure we create spaces that complement

and suit their lifestyle and personality. We aim to create a better experience and life through our designs.

About the co-founders- Ar. Astha Goyal

Astha is an accomplished architect with a passion for creating beautiful, functional, and personalized spaces that reflect the unique style and preferences of her clients. With her deep understanding of design principles and techniques, Astha has a keen eye for detail and an ability to translate her clients & vision into reality. She believes that a well-designed space can significantly enhance the quality of life for its inhabitants, and she is committed to delivering exceptional design solutions that exceed her client & expectations. Astha’s mission is to provide innovative and creative design solutions that not only meet but exceed her clients& expectations. She works closely with her team of designers and craftsmen to ensure that every project is executed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. With her experience and passion for design, Astha is dedicated to continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the industry.

Ar. Raghav Goyal Raghav, an architect by profession has a passion for designing beautiful, functional, and sustainable spaces that meet the unique needs and preferences of his clients. With his background in management, Raghav has a deep understanding of the importance of effective communication, project management, and teamwork. He is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, and he believes that a collaborative approach is key to achieving outstanding results. Raghav’s mission is to create innovative design solutions that enhance the quality of life for his clients. He has a strong focus on sustainability and believes that it is important to design spaces that are not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible. Throughout his career, Raghav has honed his skills in project management, and client relationship management. He has a proven track record of delivering successful projects on time and within budget, and he is dedicated to continuously improving his skills and knowledge to stay at the forefront of the industry. With his experience and passion for design and management, Raghav is committed to establishing himself as a leading architect and delivering outstanding results for his clients.


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