Nittala Philips Kiwi, Senior Associate Director – Meinhardt EPCM (India) Private Limited – Excellence in Strategic Leadership – 2023 in Oil & Gas Industry



Nittala Philips Kiwi is an engineering graduate with MBA in Oil & Gas management. He has vast experience in the Oil & Gas sector and worked with various Fortune 500 companies in India and abroad. To name a few – HPCL, SABIC, and Equate Petrochemicals are some of the companies he worked with. Worked on various complex projects like Oil & Gas refineries, petrochemicals, and cross-country pipelines. He was instrumental in implementing projects from concept to the commissioning stages. He was involved in the operations and maintenance of assets both in Oil & Gas upstream, midstream and downstream. Under his leadership, various city gas distribution projects were executed across India and operated with commercial success.

With the increasing awareness of climate control, carbon emissions and alternate green fuels – Oil & Gas industry faces new challenges to deliver the projects and operate the assets with tighter budgetary constraints. Under his leadership, many downstream projects were able to achieve the targeted ROI within the first five years of project implementation. With his innovative management skills, he mentored cross-functional teams to achieve business goals. Some of his initiatives in contract management and commercial negotiations are followed widely as industry benchmarks in the city gas distribution sector.

In an effort to streamline business processes and achieve uniform project deliveries across the country, He supported many Oil & Gas companies in India to standardize their engineering and project management process as a part of their business renovation. His inputs on downstream retail helped organizations to develop and implement rating/ scoring systems, which are widely implemented currently in the market.

As a leader and a mentor, he has coached many young new generations of engineers and professionals in his career. Many such professionals hold senior roles in the corporate ladder in the market currently. His knowledge, patience, and willingness to support the team made him a true leader. He was honoured and recognized by the management of all the companies he worked with for his efforts and contributions.

In his current role, within a span of six years, Mr Kiwi was instrumental in transforming Meinhardt into one of the premium EPCM consultants operating in the downstream retail segment in India. The company currently operates business with all Oil marketing companies in India. His strategic leadership and reach in the market helped the company in its business development efforts. The company grew by three folds in the past few years. He currently heads Oil & Gas, Renewables and New energies business verticals within Meinhardt.

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