Ranadeep Reddy Palle, Senior Software Engineer – Zoom – API Development and Integration Category

Ranadeep Reddy Palle stands as a seasoned software engineer, celebrated for his prowess in Cloud Computing, AI, and Machine Learning. With over 12 years of hands-on experience, Ranadeep showcases a profound understanding of software engineering principles, data structures, and algorithms. His expertise extends to architecting and managing highly scalable enterprise applications on both AWS and Azure cloud platforms.

As an avid contributor to the scholarly community, Ranadeep serves as an editorial member for prestigious journals like the ESP Journal of Engineering and Technology Advancements, ESP International Journal of Advancements in Computational Technology, ESP International Journal of Advancements in Science & Technology, and ESP International Journal of Communication Engineering & Electronics Technology. His commitment to knowledge dissemination and scholarly contributions is commendable.

Ranadeep’s career is marked by numerous honors and awards. He has been recognized as a top 1% ADPList Super Mentor in Engineering and honored as a Rising Star – Class of November 2023 by ADPList.org. He received the Global Recognition Award, placing in the top 5.8% of global applicants. Internationally, he was conferred with the prestigious “International Achievers’ Award 2023-24” for his exceptional contributions and recognized as one of the Achievers of Asia & Africa by Passion Vista.

His professional affiliations include SAS Eminent Fellow Member (SEFM), Royal Fellow of the International Organization for Academic and Scientific Development, Honorary Fellow Member at Threws, Fellow of the Royal Golden Assembly of Eudoxia Lifetime, and Fellow Member of Eudoxia Research University and Eudoxia Research Centre. 

Ranadeep’s expertise is reinforced by his certifications, encompassing various AWS certifications like Machine Learning – Specialty, Solutions Architect – Professional, DevOps Engineer – Professional, and Security – Specialty. He also holds Microsoft certifications, including Azure Administrator Associate, Azure AI Engineer Associate, Azure Data Engineer Associate, Azure Security Engineer Associate, Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Cybersecurity Architect Expert, and DevOps Engineer Expert.

Educationally, Ranadeep holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Houston and a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. His professional journey includes roles as a Senior Software Engineer at Zoom, Senior Software Engineer at Onetrust, Senior Software Developer at ELM Solutions, Java Developer at Smith & Associates, and Business Application Developer at Insperity.

Ranadeep actively contributes to judging esteemed awards programs, serving as a judge for the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards and volunteering as a judge for the Globee® Awards – Cybersecurity.

Ranadeep Reddy Palle’s professional journey is characterized by exceptional expertise, editorial contributions, global recognition, affiliations, certifications, educational background, and a notable employment history, establishing him as a highly accomplished and respected professional in Cloud Computing, AI, and Machine Learning.

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