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What were you doing when you were 18 years? That’s how her debut book seizes our focus, that’s Sharon Gaddala, a promising new voice in the world of contemporary writing style, captivated her readers with her debut non-fiction book, I Chose, at 18. consistently being praised for her “Relatable” story. A pakka Hyderabadi committed to Chai, weaves together her experiences with self-help catalogue for all of us. Though she loved writing at young age, the thought of writing a book conceived her after the birth of her elder daughter. With a degree in English Literature, obvious die-hard fan of Mr. William Shakespeare, it was time to unveil.

Sharon’s message resonates deeply, urging readers to reflect on their own aspiration and definition of success. Through her candid storytelling, she challenges the notion of greatness as a competition, emphasizing the importance of self-discovery and authenticity. She deftly navigates the complexities of choice and identity, inviting readers to confront their fears and embrace their inner power. Through her relatable anecdotes, she instils hope and encouragement, reminding readers that their dreams are valid and worth pursuing.

She writes about how she went through different experiences in personal and professional life, with the self-help guidance, she carries a hope that her book will guide someone, somewhere,

Be a Better Person Than Yesterday! Her Vision as a Life Coach.

Sharon is also an International Coaching Federation Certified, Life Coach, her goal as a Life coach is to empower clients to bring positive and productive changes by enhancing self-awareness, self-confidence and developing life skills. This is possible by building a better relationship with self, so all the other relationships are automatically taken care of, for YOU is the foundation for all the relationships you will have.  

Self-Love is accepting who you are, seldom people recognize and accept who they are as a person. Sharon advocates and emphasizes self-love to her clients, viewers, and readers that self-love is essential for wellbeing and personal growth and has a massive impact on mental health, relationships, and overall satisfaction in life.

Sharing is Caring! Isn’t it? she says, her love and care are inevitable with the work she does so passionately for community. She run a YouTube channel which goes with her name, she consistently uploads videos about mental health, her personal experiences for awareness and encouragement for people to aspire live a good quality life. She actively involves in volunteering her time and expertise to non-government organizations and mentoring youth. 

She is a pursuing Psychologist, mother of 2 gorgeous daughters. Has 20 years of corporate experience with some fortune 500 companies, in various leadership roles.

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