Tharun Vikash Babu – Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer – Tharun Vikash Properties



Tharun Vikash, the young entrepreneur behind the success of the team, Tharun Vikash Properties, has expressed his passion for creating remarkable investment opportunities and splendid homes that match the standards of any developed country in the world. He firmly believes in giving nothing but the best to their valued customers, and his team shares this commitment to quality. The team’s unwavering dedication to their customers and to delivering exceptional quality in every aspect of their projects has earned them a well-deserved reputation in the industry.

Recently, Tharun was recognized by EMCEE for his contributions to the Real Estate  industry. Being an award-winning young trailblazer in the Realestate industry, he has been instrumental in the team’s success and excellence. Tharun’s vision for building a brighter future has become the driving force behind the team’s success, and they are honored to have him as a leader.

His achievements and impact in such a short period have made the entire team proud. The team believes that the key to success in the Real Estate industry is a customer-centric approach and a dedication to quality. This belief is not just a marketing gimmick but runs deep within the organization. The team takes pride in ensuring that every aspect of their projects is perfect. They strive to deliver exceptional results in terms of plot size, design, structural strength, and facilities.  The team has been highly selective in choosing the very best for their customers, which is reflected in their limited-edition real estate spaces that are highly rewarding. From location selection to property amenities, the team ensures that every process is focused on putting the customer first.

Their latest project is a testament to their commitment to quality. It has been constructed to global standards and has obtained all essential licenses. They invite everyone to come and experience the excellence and quality that have earned them their reputation.

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