Dr. Murahari Penkulinti – MS ORTHO, FELLOW IN SPINE SURGERY – KIMS HOSPITAL, GACHIBOWLI – Outstanding Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon – 2023, Hyderabad



Dr. Murahari P is an accomplished Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon with a remarkable 16-year journey in the field of spine surgery. He is renowned for his expertise and compassionate patient-centered approach. His practice spans across esteemed medical institutions in Hyderabad, including Sunshine Hospitals in Gachibowli, Avasa Hospital in Manikonda, Apollo Clinic in Manikonda, and Premier Hospital in Tolichowki.

Having earned his MBBS degree from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in 2007, Dr. Murahari continued his academic pursuit, completing MS in Orthopaedics from Govt Medical College, Bellary in 2011. His commitment to excellence led him to attain a Master’s degree in AO Spine from Switzerland and a prestigious Fellowship in Spine Surgery from the USA. These international accolades underscore his dedication to staying at the forefront of medical advancements.

Dr. Murahari’s affiliations with prominent organizations like AO Spine, the Indian Orthopaedic Association, and Twin Cities Orthopedic Society demonstrate his active involvement in the orthopedic community. Notably, he holds an AO spine degree that holds global recognition, further attesting to his proficiency.

As the visionary founder of Murahari Advanced Spine Center, Dr. Murahari envisions holistic patient care, emphasizing minimally invasive surgical interventions. He is known for his pioneering work in minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) and endoscopic spine surgery, techniques that result in smaller incisions, quicker recovery times, and enhanced patient outcomes.

At Murahari Advanced Spine Center, patients benefit from a comprehensive spectrum of services, ranging from complex deformity correction surgery to cervical disc replacement. Dr. Murahari’s expertise extends to addressing spinal tumors, and infections, and performing revision spine surgeries with precision and skill. His patient-centered philosophy is rooted in a belief in personalized care, and he ensures that each patient’s unique needs are met through innovative non-operative, and operative treatments.

Dr. Murahari P’s remarkable journey as a Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon showcases his unwavering dedication to advancing spinal care techniques while upholding a patient-first ethos. His contributions to the field have not only improved medical outcomes but have also provided relief and a renewed quality of life to countless individuals grappling with spinal disorders.

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