F.GERALD ARUN DASS, Founder & CEO – GAD Leadership Foundation – Most admired Business Strategist Of the Year – 2023, Chennai



Mr GAD stands as a paragon of leadership and transformation, captivating hearts and minds around the world. As the visionary Founder & CEO of GAD’s Leadership Foundation, the preeminent Leadership Coaching Firm in Asia, he has successfully trained, consulted, and guided millions of individuals and organizations globally. Mr GAD’s revolutionary concepts and exceptional methodologies have empowered ordinary individuals to become extraordinary leaders, making an indelible impact on a global scale.

Renowned as a Strategic Scientist, Master Leadership Coach, Business Author, Keynote Speaker, Meditation Master, Advisor to Fortune 500 companies, Transformational Coach, Mind Architect, Startup Advisor, and Peak Performance Guru, Mr. GAD embodies simplicity and humility. His profound teachings on leadership and the pursuit of happiness have revolutionized the lives and leadership styles of countless individuals, leading to remarkable organizational transformations.

His milestones: In recognition of his unparalleled contributions, Mr GAD was honoured with the prestigious “Life Time Achievement Award” for his exceptional work in Life Coaching during the distinguished period of 2020-21. Moreover, he has been bestowed with the esteemed title of “Most Admired Business Strategist of the Year,” a resounding testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and extraordinary insights.

Throughout his illustrious career, Mr GAD has worked with over 1000+ leaders and CEOs, leaving an indelible mark on their professional journeys. Distinguished global brands such as Audi, MRF, Amazon, L&T, and Microsoft have sought his unparalleled guidance, leading to unprecedented business growth amounting to billions of dollars. Mr GAD’s innovative ideas, tools, and techniques have revolutionized the business landscape, creating a ripple effect of transformation and success.

A Visionary Creator & Leader: However, Mr GAD’s influence extends beyond corporate giants. Through his personal coaching brand, he passionately advises and mentors aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs, igniting their potential and propelling them toward remarkable achievements. His pioneering tools and techniques, including Corporate Science, Performance Intelligence, and Environmental Transformation systems, have become the cornerstone of organizational success, reshaping the very fabric of business operations.

His Grandeur Vision: By the year 2030, he envisions the creation of 5000 Legendary Leaders across Fortune 500 Companies, Business Conglomerates, and Startup Businesses, redefining the boundaries of women’s accomplishments by fostering a cult of Women Leaders by 2027, and transforming ordinary professionals into extraordinary leaders through the establishment of 2000+ Corporate CEOs under the esteemed umbrella of GAD’s Leadership Foundation. Ultimately, his mission encompasses forging a trillion-dollar worth chain of organizations worldwide by 2030.

Embark On Your Own Journey: To embark on your own transformational journey under the expert guidance of The Legendary Transformational Coach, Mr F Gerald Arun Dass, visit www.geraldarundass.com or call +91-89391-06000. Unleash your true potential, redefine your leadership, and shape a future of unparalleled success.

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