FABBEU – Innovative Skincare Startup Brand of the Year – 2023



FABBEU®️, India’s first skincare brand crafted exclusively for Gen Z, is the brainchild of two young and innovative siblings from Mumbai, Ankiit Khemka and Bhavana Khemka. Their entrepreneurial journey began when they noticed a gap in the market for skincare products designed specifically for their age group i.e 11-21 years. Their shared passion for skincare and a desire to provide efficient and dermatologist-tested solutions to the country’s youth led them to establish FABBEU.

Ankiit Khemka has completed his MBA in Marketing from NMIMS, Mumbai while his sister & Co-Founder Bhavana Khemka is pursuing B.Pharma at the same university. Combining their academic knowledge with their entrepreneurial spirit, they embarked on a two-year research and development journey to bring FABBEU to life. During this period, they received invaluable guidance and mentorship from their father, Umashankkar Khemka, a Vice President at a multinational company with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

FABBEU®️ was officially launched on December 24, 2021, in Mumbai, and it has already garnered attention and recognition from Startup India for its innovative approach to skincare for Gen Z. The company, Fabbeu Lifestyle (P) Limited.

One of the cornerstones of FABBEU’s success lies in its commitment to providing skincare solutions specially made for Gen-Z. The brand’s mission is to simplify and personalize Gen-Z skincare, making it both authentic and safe for all users. We launch products with ingredients that are relevant to the daily lifestyle of youngsters and especially effective on young skin.

FABBEU’s product line caters to both men and women, acknowledging the importance of gender-inclusive skincare. All their products are 100% vegan, and they prioritize the use of natural ingredients that have been dermatologically verified. This approach ensures that their customers can trust in the quality and efficacy of the products they use on their skin.

Looking ahead, Ankiit and Bhavana have ambitious plans for FABBEU. The brand has already set up its online store (www.fabbeu.com) and is present in all leading marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc. to make their products easily accessible to customers across the country. They plan to expand their product range further, adding new and innovative solutions for various skin types and concerns. Their ultimate goal is to become India’s leading skincare brand for Gen Z.

In line with their expansion strategy, FABBEU intends to venture into modern retail, multi-brand outlets (MBOs), and leading offline stores, providing even more opportunities for customers to experience the benefits of FABBEU’s skincare products and which will allow them to reach a broader customer base.

As the co-founders of FABBEU, Ankiit and Bhavana Khemka are not only entrepreneurs but also champions of personalized and authentic skincare. Their journey as young innovators in the beauty industry has only just begun, and their passion, commitment, and vision promise to make FABBEU a driving force in the skincare market, revolutionizing how Gen Z takes care of their skin and empowering them to embrace their fabulous selves.

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