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Samvid Spirits stand as a testament to the perfect amalgamation of Indian heritage and global finesse in the realm of premium liquors. Rooted in the belief that each sip of their carefully crafted spirits should transcend the realm of mere taste, the brand is dedicated to taking enthusiasts on an unforgettable journey that tantalizes both the palate and the senses, evoking a sense of novelty with every encounter.

At the heart of Samvid’s portfolio lies a commitment to authenticity and quality, showcasing a range of spirits that reflect the brand’s ethos. Western Choice Deluxe Whisky embodies this philosophy flawlessly. By harmoniously blending aged malt with meticulously selected Indian grain spirit, it offers an exceptionally smooth note experience. The presence of fine woody aromas in the blend adds a distinct character to this whisky, further underlining its premium status.

Another gem in Samvid’s collection is Jackson Black Premium Blended Whisky. Crafted by marrying aged malt with the gentle embrace of oak chips, this blend boasts a nuanced smokiness that is both sophisticated and inviting. Its union with Indian grain spirit results in a whisky that tantalizes the palate, leaving behind an irresistible craving for more.

In every glass of Samvid’s offerings, there’s a shared experience encapsulated by the hashtag #risetogether. The whisky lineup, marked by its exquisite smoothness, beckons enthusiasts to embrace the journey of flavour and sensation. The vodka, on the other hand, promises a refined taste that harmonizes perfectly with the brand’s call to rise as one. Meanwhile, the versatile rum encourages celebrations of life’s joys, united under the banner of togetherness.

At the heart of Samvid is the Sanskrit-inspired essence of ‘Knowledge’, a guiding principle that reverberates through every aspect of their operation. Their commitment to transparency in distilling practices and the authenticity of their ingredients is palpable. With a deep understanding of the market and extensive research into the intricate processes of production and ageing, Samvid Spirits consistently deliver premium quality.

The visionary behind this enterprise is Birendrra Yadav, the Founder & Director. An exemplar of the new wave of entrepreneurs, he transitioned from a notable tenure with Reliance Industries to establishing his own legacy. And guiding the financial trajectory of the brand is C.A. Chetan Mhapankar, the Director of Finance. With a sharp analytical mind and profound business acumen, Chetan plays a pivotal role in not only driving growth and profitability but also in shaping the financial landscape of Samvid Spirits.

As the brand raises a glass, it extends an invitation to all to join in their journey of premium spirits, uniting in the spirit of elevation and camaraderie. Samvid Spirits’ commitment to crafting excellence is etched in every bottle, beckoning connoisseurs to partake in a symphony of taste, sensation, and shared experience.

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