Jalakara by Dipimokra – Top Innovation in Water Purification Technology – 2023



In the realm of water purification, Jalakara stands as a shining testament to the innovative prowess of Dipimokra, a multifaceted enterprise dedicated to facilitating international business endeavors within the Indian market. As Dipimokra’s crowning jewel, Jalakara is more than just a water purification system; it is a fusion of Japanese precision and the essence of purity found in nature.

Deepak D.L. and Megumi Sakakida, the founders of Dipimokra, bring a unique cultural synergy to their mission. Having immersed themselves in both Indian and Japanese cultures, their commitment to fostering strong connections between these two nations serves as the foundation of their success.

Jalakara-Tapurie, the flagship product of Jalakara, redefines the very essence of water. It is a faucet water purifier that sets new standards for excellence. With a remarkable purified water flow rate of 1.6 liters per minute, Jalakara ensures swift access to the purest hydration. Its high-performance cartridge can purify up to 1,800 liters of tap water, effectively eliminating up to 20 hazardous materials. What sets Jalakara apart is its innovative backwashing filtration system, ensuring an uninterrupted water flow and enhancing the longevity of the filter.

The journey of Jalakara is also a story of gratitude, marked by collaborative efforts and unwavering support. Partnerships with Rogress Boeki Co., Ltd, and Basic Co., Ltd, alongside the backing of Japanese parents Mr. Sakakida Takayuki & Chikako Sakakida and Indian parents Mr. Lokesha D.A & Bhageerathi B.H, have played pivotal roles in the success of Jalakara. This remarkable water purifier embodies the trust in Dipimokra’s commitment to high-quality products and the deep-seated belief that Jalakara will be embraced by customers.

Jalakara by Dipimokra is not just a purifier; it’s a symbol of innovation and understanding. Deepak and Megumi’s journey, enriched by their unique backgrounds and experiences, has culminated in a product that not only purifies water but also bridges cultural gaps. By seamlessly blending Japanese precision with Indian experiences, Jalakara embodies the spirit of collaboration and excellence.

As Dipimokra India Pvt Ltd marches forward, Jalakara continues to be a beacon of purity and innovation, offering a transformative experience to those who seek the purest form of hydration. It is a reflection of Dipimokra’s commitment to realizing their clients’ business ambitions, and as they navigate the intricate Indian market, Jalakara remains a shining example of their multifaceted endeavors for global success.

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