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About Karan Rawat – Most Promising Strategic Brand Marketer of the Year – 2023 

Meet Karan Rawat, a unique T-shaped brand creator & marketer (or a Tri-speared strategist) who has been passionately building brands with distinctive experience advantage. A multifaceted professional often known as a storyteller, spiritual person, experience lover, holistic brand creator and brand coach.

With over 15 years of experience and having worked with 50+ brands/clients, 500+ strategic briefs integrating different talent, skillsets, and mediums. Karan has played a pivotal role in building brands from concept to reality and reimagining brand experiences across the consumer journey touchpoints. His work history includes renowned firms like Future Group, Idiom Design & Consulting, JWT Design, Saatchi & Saatchi X, Clay Strategy & Design, and Asymmetrique (digital first brand solutions firm).

He is a hidden gem of our industry who is waiting to be discovered.

Inception of his coaching initiative ‘Breakthrough with Karan Rawat’

“In the recent years, I saw a growing problem that young professionals lack access to practical guidance on building strategic brands. There is huge expectation gap between college campus to corporate office young talent pool is expected to perform but they expect to get mentorship and guidance with practical skills. This leads to frustration, feeling of stagnation, and leads to people quitting and sometimes even losing confidence. But I wasn’t content to let this problem continue”.

Karan’s passion for enabling young talent & aspiring brand creators to actually breakthrough in their career inspired him to start ‘Breakthrough with Karan Rawat’ through which he offers holistic, simplified and practical online brand strategy courses, growth hacks, workshops and tools for aspiring brand creators & even to marquee MBA &design colleges.

“I intend to use my secret Tri-spear strategy formula to help these young professionals to develop a winning mindset, concept, and skillset (all 3) and learn the practical aspects of what’s needed in a real work environment. Hence, I also do special personality visualisation and goal setting sessions where people find their real calling. Once you understand your own WHY, then WHAT and How becomes easier”.

He has created boot camps and hackathon sessions and workshops for MIT Pune, IMT Nagpur, Welingkar Bangalore, and other institutions. His online productized courses and hybrid coaching have been successful in helping young brand and marketing professionals achieve breakthroughs in their jobs, internships, and further education/ training. You can read more about his program reviews by clicking here or check success stories on his youtube channel.

Brand Experience Projects he can’t stop talking about:

When asked about the best projects in his career, Karan recalls, ‘’I can never forget the impact & expereince we could create as a team by taking up projects where we could handle the entire brand mandate. To name a few

1. Successfully launching HUL’s Taj Mahal Tea D2C portal in India, and even managing the full funnel marketing strategy and growth marketing experiments being part of the core team (at Asymmetrique- Digital first Brand Marketing firm)

2. Creating Stok Beer brand @StokIndia – a complete new beer brand, its positioning, purpose, content strategy, building a unique brand experience across touchpoints from online to offline (at Asymmetrique).

3. Integrated brand and Marketing for Rio Beverages – that a rich creator-based digital content strategy, to launch communication, retail activations and overall brand visibility (at Clay Design Strategy)

4. Univercell Mobile store – complete brand and retail expereince with interactive tech at JWT design & strategy

5. Journey of Welingkar to We School – entire brand experience revamp project at Idiom Design & Consulting”.

In a nutshell, Karan is a promising leader.

Karan Rawat is a husband to wonderful wife & a devoted father of two kids. He is recognised as a Strategic Brand Creator + Marketer, Growth Hacker, Coach, Founder – Breakthrough
with Karan Rawat.

His hunger for continuously learning the new and stay ahead made him take up courses in Growth Hacking, Digital coaching, Innovation, and design thinking and apply all those learnings with more relevance in his own professional work, coaching and training.

To conclude, Karan is a visionary brand creator and marketer who has worked with teams across different disciplines. He has brought impact to some of the well-known brands & has received appreciation from many C level folks, brand heads and team members for his commitment, passion, and ownership to drive outcomes. His love for building brand experiences and empowering young talent speaks volumes about his attitude, expertise, and work ethic and makes him an asset to any organization. A true made-in-India gem of our industry.

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