Imtiyaz Shahi Dastar – Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year – 2023, Warangal in Food Catering Services


Mohammad Imtiyaz Go from expressing,  my world of cooking has a fascinating and alluring place, filled with creativity, passion, and hard work. Being a chef is an art form, requiring a unique blend of technical skill, creativity, and dedication. The food industry is constantly evolving, bringing new techniques, flavours, and trends that require chefs to be innovative and adventurous. When I Was At Home I used to see my mom cooking my favourite dishes for me, from where my interest in the kitchen started, then in my summer vacation I used to visit my uncle’s hotel, where I used to taste different types of dishes, Where my interest in kitchen has been evolved, then after completing my college I used to meet the chief of kitchens of my uncles’ hotel and used to learn different types of cuisine, then as soon as possible I became the head chef of the kitchen, on going after few years I started my catering services Named ” IMTIYAZ SHAHI DASTAR ”  where we provide different types of cuisine like Mughalai. Decani. Awai. , where I started my business with help of my friends and family, by providing quality and quantity service with hospitality Our catering services have been expanded to Andra Pradesh, Telangana, and Bangalore as well, at the beginning of my journey I used to dedicate my skills and time towards my work, by learning, preparing, teaching & serving different types of cuisine for our customers, and through lots of dedication and hard work now I have been recognized by many IT, VIP, POLITICIAN & by chefs In our region.

Well as an entrepreneur I always wanted to expand my catering service all over India through different social media platforms like Instagram,  Facebook, & YouTube.  Well in our catering service, we provide Quality and Quantity service. We follow proper hygienic techniques in our kitchens. we teach different types of cuisine to our learners in the kitchen, Due to his dedication at work he became a famous master chef in his region. Where young generation people admire his work and copy his skills.  I Mohammad Imtiyaz especially want to thank the Founder & CEO of Business Mint Mr.Vinay Kanth Korapati  For choosing us as the Outstanding Company of the Year 2023 in Warangal for  food catering services It’s a great pleasure and honour to us to be a winner and a part of Nationwide Awards 2023 And we appreciate the whole team of this business mint and nationwide awards who have done excellent work for finding young talents and entrepreneurs under 30 and 40  Imtiyaz Shahi Dastar caterers  Promise our customers that  We provide the most delicious and hygienic food With the best quality and quantity.

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