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Neevay: Pioneering Transformation in India’s Construction Sector through Innovative Digital Solutions

The swift expansion of India’s construction industry is undeniable; however, its supply side’s fragmented and disorganized nature, accounting for approximately 80% of the sector, presents substantial challenges. This structural deficiency significantly hampers the industry’s capacity to meet the escalating demand, leading to project delays, compromised work quality, and mounting frustrations for Project Managers and Purchase & Contracts Departments. The absence of streamlined procedures and standardized practices severely impedes efficiency and coordination, thereby delaying project completion and undermining overall project outcomes. To overcome these obstacles, a concerted effort is essential to instil greater organization and cohesion within the supply chain, fostering a more sustainable and prosperous construction landscape in India.

Industry analyses indicate that the disjointed and unstructured construction supply side is accountable for roughly 30% of project schedule delays. Moreover, the lack of standardization contributes to nearly 20% of total project rework due to quality issues. These inefficiencies translate into considerable financial losses, with estimates suggesting that the industry forfeits up to 12% of its annual revenue. Tackling these pressing issues necessitates encouraging and aiding smaller suppliers in adopting more organized methodologies, investing in skill enhancement initiatives, and nurturing collaboration among stakeholders to establish a more cohesive and responsive construction ecosystem. By taking proactive measures to bridge this gap, the construction sector can unlock its full potential, fulfilling the escalating demand and expediting project delivery, consequently invigorating economic expansion and job generation.

In response to the pivotal challenges stemming from India’s disjointed and disorganized Construction Industry, Neevay emerges as a transformative solution. Garnering rapid traction with over 12,000 construction-related enterprises already integrated into its platform, Neevay acts as a much-needed bridge connecting the industry’s demand and supply facets. This digital platform offers users effortless access to comprehensive and pertinent data concerning construction Contractors & Suppliers across diverse sectors, all available at the click of a button.

Neevay’s distinct proposition as the “Search Engine of the Construction Industry” has garnered widespread acclaim for simplifying project-associated tasks. The platform caters adeptly to both the industry’s demand and supply aspects, streamlining procedures and heightening operational efficiency. On the demand side, users are liberated from the arduous task of sifting through stacks of brochures and business cards in search of suitable vendors. Neevay ensures swift and convenient access to pertinent information precisely when it’s needed, accelerating project timelines.

For suppliers, Neevay’s innovative approach obviates the inefficiency of disseminating brochures that often remain inaccessible when needed. Instead, the platform concentrates on fostering meaningful and pertinent connections and leads, empowering enterprises to grow with utmost effectiveness. Through Neevay’s seamless interface, the construction industry undergoes a transformative shift toward enhanced productivity and collaborative synergy.

Hanish Raheja, the Founder and Managing Director of Tathaatvam Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd (the parent company of the Neevay brand), elucidated, “Our objective is to consolidate all information and connections within the construction industry, making them accessible with a few simple clicks.” With a steadfast focus on consolidation and organization, Neevay aspires to revolutionize one of India’s most substantial sectors: construction.

Engineered with simplicity, efficiency, and efficacy as guiding principles, Neevay facilitates effortless access to invaluable data and contacts within the construction domain. By furnishing stakeholders with a comprehensive digital platform, Neevay is reshaping the construction industry, propelling growth, and fostering a more streamlined and collaborative ecosystem.

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