Pradhika Bhartia | Handwriting Analysis, Numerology, Past Life Regression Therapy, Tarot Card Reading and Colour & Drawing Analysis Services Has Been Recognized As Women of 2023 by Business Mint


Pradhika Bhartia, a seasoned practitioner in the mystic arts, is a versatile professional offering a spectrum of services including Tarot Card Reading, Numerology Reading, Handwriting Analysis, Drawing Analysis, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Color Therapy. Based in Kolkata, Pradhika extends her expertise both online and offline with a mission encapsulated in her motto, “Rewrite your Life in just 5-mins a Day.”

With a profound commitment to her craft, Pradhika boasts an impressive 12-year journey in providing transformative insights and guidance to individuals seeking clarity and direction. Her dedication and proficiency in her field have not gone unnoticed, earning her accolades and recognition from esteemed personalities.

In 2019, Pradhika Bhartia was honored with the “Best Tarot Card Reader in Kolkata” award by none other than Ms. Raveena Tandon. This recognition speaks volumes about her excellence and credibility in the field of Tarot Card Reading. The same year, she was acknowledged as the “Most Promising Numerologist in Kolkata” at New Delhi, receiving the award from the distinguished Ms. Sudha Chandran and Ms. Geeta Phogat. This dual recognition underscores Pradhika’s versatility and proficiency not just in Tarot but also in Numerology.

Further cementing her standing in the mystic arts community, Pradhika received the prestigious “Best Tarot Card Reader & Past Life Regression Therapist in Kolkata” award in 2021. This recognition, presented by the philanthropic actor Mr. Sonu Sood at Goa, is a testament to her holistic approach to spiritual well-being.

Beyond her individual accomplishments, Pradhika Bhartia was invited as the Chief Guest in New Delhi to felicitate the Rising Entrepreneurs of India in 2023. This recognition at a national level underscores her not only as a practitioner but also as an influential figure contributing to the entrepreneurial landscape.

Pradhika’s journey is marked not only by her professional achievements but also by her dedication to helping others find meaning and direction in their lives. Her services extend beyond geographical boundaries, providing individuals with the opportunity to access her guidance online.

Pradhika Bhartia’s commitment to her craft is not just about delivering readings and therapies; it’s about facilitating positive transformations in the lives of those she touches. Her multi-faceted expertise and the recognition she has garnered from industry peers and celebrities alike underscore her as a trusted and influential figure in the mystical arts community.

Whether it’s through Tarot, Numerology, Handwriting Analysis, Drawing Analysis, Past Life Regression Therapy, or Color Therapy, Pradhika Bhartia’s approach remains rooted in her mission to empower individuals to rewrite their lives, one insight at a time.

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