Karishma Jain, Co-Founder – BullsVision & FinVantra Has Been Recognized As Women of 2023 by Business Mint


Mrs. Karishma Jain, a distinguished Certified Financial Planner, serves as the Co-Founder of BullsVision and FinVantra, leaving an indelible mark on the financial landscape. Her accolades include being honored as India’s 2nd Wisest Financial Planner in 2019, a recognition of her exceptional expertise and contributions to the field. Beyond her professional achievements, Mrs. Jain is a passionate Monk Trader, a compelling speaker in Investor Awareness Programs, and the Principal Partner at India Accelerator. In 2023, she was acknowledged as one of the Influential Women in Wealth Management and featured in She Magazine, attesting to her prominence in the financial sector.

Mrs. Karishma Jain’s fervor for finance, trading, and market economics is palpable in her diverse roles and accomplishments. With a fresh outlook and an innate talent for ideation, she aspires to build systems that add significant value to the financial market ecosystem.

As the Founder of BullsVision, Mrs. Jain has played a pivotal role in establishing it as India’s finest online-offline financial advisory. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s financial situation, BullsVision offers a groundbreaking approach that combines smart tools with the personalized touch of a dedicated financial advisor. In response to the understanding that a one-size-fits-all investment plan may not suffice for those leading busy lives with complex financial needs, BullsVision aims to provide a comprehensive and tailored service. The company is dedicated to helping clients realize their aspirations and live fulfilled lives.

BullsVision’s suite of services under Private Wealth Management™ encompasses Portfolio Management Services covering equity, debt, stocks, and alternate portfolios. Additionally, BullsVision offers Investment Advisory, Holistic Financial Planning & Consultation, NRI Solutions, Estate & Tax Planning, Legacy & Retirement Planning, and Institutional Wealth Management & Treasury Operations. This comprehensive range of services reflects Mrs. Jain’s commitment to addressing the diverse financial needs of clients.

In addition to her role at BullsVision, Mrs. Karishma Jain is the Founder of FinVantra (FV), a provider of proprietary All Weather Regular Income trading strategies. With the aim of giving retailers access to Hedge Fund Style Trading strategies, FinVantra has developed, tested, and successfully deployed fully-automated, quantitative trading models.

FinVantra’s All Weather Trading Strategies, characterized by a hedge fund style, take both long and short positions to provide investors with a consistent return on capital month after month. This innovative approach positions FinVantra as a trailblazer, offering retail investors an opportunity to benefit from sophisticated trading strategies typically associated with institutional hedge funds.

In conclusion, Mrs. Karishma Jain’s leadership in the financial industry is marked by innovation, expertise, and a commitment to providing tailored solutions to investors. Through BullsVision and FinVantra, she has not only redefined financial advisory but has also democratized access to advanced trading strategies for retail investors. Her recognition as one of India’s wisest financial planners and her influence in wealth management underscore her significant impact on the financial services sector in India.

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