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Sadaf Shaikh, a seasoned 3D visualizer and tutor, is the founder of Stella Archviz, a venture dedicated to imparting knowledge in the field of visualization. With a rich background as a freelancer for the past five years, Sadaf has collaborated with numerous firms and recently established Stella Archviz with the mission to share her extensive knowledge with aspiring students.

Over the course of five years, Sadaf Shaikh has successfully catered to the needs of more than 75 clients, showcasing her proficiency in 3D visualization. In addition to her freelance work, she has ventured into teaching, having trained over 50 students in the intricacies of the field. Her professional journey includes collaborations with award-winning companies like Cristina Interiors, adding a layer of credibility to her expertise.

Sadaf’s expertise lies in navigating complex software, including 3ds Max, Vray, and Corona. Through years of experience and continuous learning, she has honed her skills in these tools and is dedicated to supporting her students as they flourish in the field of 3D visualization.

Having initially started her career as an interior designer, Sadaf recognized the growing demand for visualization in the field. This realization led her to delve into software like 3ds Max, Vray, and Corona. Despite initial challenges in the learning process, her determination and extensive research eventually positioned her as an expert in these tools. The journey and challenges she faced prompted her to establish Stella Archviz, where she now mentors students aspiring to become professional 3D visualizers.

Currently, Sadaf is actively engaged in her role as a 3D visualizer for various interior firms while simultaneously tutoring students to help them achieve their goals. Her dedication to the field and belief in the power of learning and growing together are encapsulated in Stella Archviz’s slogan: Learn & grow together.

Sadaf strongly believes that consistency, practice, and dedication are key ingredients for achieving anything and learning everything. Her goal is to share the wealth of knowledge she has accumulated over the years with every student she tutors, fostering a community where individuals can thrive in the field of 3D visualization. Through Stella Archviz, Sadaf Shaikh is not just shaping visualizations; she is shaping the next generation of visualizers, instilling in them the belief that they can achieve anything with the right guidance and commitment to their goals.

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