R Sathiya Narayanan – CEO & Founder – Muviereck Technologies – Best Marketing Consultant of the Year – 2023, Chennai



R Sathiya Narayanan, CEO & Founder of Muviereck Technologies ( An Award Winning App Development Company In India) & Yetlo Social ( India’s 1st Subscription Based Digital Marketing Company in India). Our company got selected in Stanford Seed Program, USA.

His educational background is BE & MBA in E-Commerce.    Then, In 2017, I started my IT Business under the name of “Muviereck Technologies Private Ltd” Business People who need IT-based solutions for their problem, also needs Digital Marketing to bring & boost sales on the digital platform.  To support & help Our Clients to strengthen their business online.  

I started “Yetlo Social – India’s First subscription-based Digital Marketing Company” which was featured in “FORBES” Magazine in 2020.  Which made me feel successful and recognized for all my “Hard Work”.  This Success makes me work 2 times faster to achieve milestones through “KAIZEN”  What I need to grow.  Then I understand, you can run alone a long way.  If you want to grow, you should help others to grow. It includes Internal stakeholders, Customers, Clients, and Vendors. Your product/service meets the Client/Customers expectation.  If it does, you will reach massive success in the Business.

As an Individual & an Organization, growth is very important.  I started Muviereck Technologies with One Employee &  Myself.  Today the team size is grown to 50+ people from 2.  Numbers may be too small for you.  But, for a startup, it is a huge achievement.  Every people will have a unique talent, but those who with Consistent, Dedication, Like Minded will be the root cause of the growth.  You need to be innovative in the Business, Lead the Team.  People who are working for you in your organization should take care of their Mental health, Career, and skills.  This is the secret sauce to keep the Employees in the Organization for the long term.  Your Organization will benefit mainly an Employee who is very talented and need to be with you for the long term.  Then, you should make the employee feel pride and special. 

To be competitive & stay ahead of the market competition, take a Niche in your Industry/field/segment.  Develop the knowledge & skills in the Niche.  Create the Customer for the Niche by your way of presentation and satisfy all the pain points.  Your presentations should give the solutions of your Prospects.  If you match the Prospect’s problem with your solutions.  Through Word-of-mouth, it will generate multi folds clients for your Niche.  Then, you are King & King Maker in your Niche.

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