SUUMAYA TRANS LOGISTICS LIMITED – Most Promising Logistics Platform of the Year – 2023



Suumaya Trans Logistics is an integrated supply chain logistics company that offers supply chain solutions to diverse industry verticals, including Automotive, Engineering, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Commodities, and E-commerce. Our motto, “from the skyline to the shoreline,” represents our commitment to solving major logistics problems faced by organizations, such as increasing transportation costs, limited visibility of shipments, delivery delays, and adverse environmental impacts. “The future of logistics will certainly be digitized, but it will also be agile, multifunctional, spread across geographies, and truly open. “That’s exactly what the global economy needs.” Ms. Ishita Gala, VP, Suumaya and its Group companies, said Given the growing list of challenges that the logistics industry faces, viable solutions are needed now. Luckily, there are solutions available. For example, digitization and collaborative logistics can tackle most existing issues and enable enterprises to plan, control, and monitor the movement of goods with greater ease. New software and tools can go a long way toward eliminating challenges, but true success can only come from understanding their capabilities and carefully planning their implementation.

Global trade is witnessing all-time high volatility in capacity & rates, led by the pandemic and the recent geopolitical events, causing massive disruptions in supply chain planning & execution for shippers. “We’re helping customers take control of their supply chains by offering 10x shipment visibility, intelligent risk-optimized routing solutions, and multi-carrier capacity offerings through our tech platform and building maximum resilience to avoid business disruptions,” Ms. Ushik Gala, Chairman, Suumaya and its Group Companies, said.

Organizations that are in the early stages don’t need to choose between profitability and sustainability as if they are mutually exclusive. In fact, many initiatives geared toward supply chain efficiency and agility have sustainability benefits as a by-product. An optimally designed network, consolidation of shipments with efficient route design, and multi echelon inventory optimization are all examples of projects that can deliver profitability and sustainability. Beyond direct supply chain projects, intelligent product design can reduce logistics costs while also reducing carbon footprints. 

For the companies interested in incorporating sustainability in a greater capacity, it’s important to understand the networkwide impact of such efforts. By increasing visibility and considering trade-offs through shifts in various sourcing, production, distribution, and inventory policies, sustainability decisions can be made in a holistic manner.

Ms. Dhwani Dattani, Suumaya and its Group companies said, “Suumaya Trans Logistics mission is to ensure that it puts customers at the centre of everything the company does, solving customers’ logistics challenges and supporting their success. He works to accelerate the pace of innovation to continuously improve the way customers manage their supply chains, and knows customers are counting on Suumaya to provide the experience, expertise, and technology needed to win.” 

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