Vishali Kola, Founder President – Tejobarath – Most Promising Sustainable Woman Entrepreneur of the Year – 2023, Bangalore



Vishalikola is the creative and design head of the sustainable clothing brand VKOLA design and fashion

She is an entrepreneur with a difference as she chose to start it with the social responsibility to employ and empower rural artisans skilled in the ancient traditional art of kalamkari as an initiative of their ngo Tejobarath
The USP of the brand is redefining style through the recreation of traditional art to make bespoke luxury clothing with hand drawn hand painted and handcrafted signature designs using sustainable and ethical production methods with organic and natural colours on earth-friendly fabrics

Vishalikola takes immense pride and joy in getting credible accolades and appreciation for her efforts and also in collaboration with Cooptex a prestigious government organisation to globalise rich and indigenous traditional art beyond India in global contemporary fashion.

The collaboration is a great milestone in taking her vision to emerge as a globally sustainable clothing brand in the years to come by emphasizing on preservation and promotion of heritage art

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