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Divakar Rastrakut, the visionary Founder and CEO of Auditing Bazaar, based in Bengaluru, embarked on a journey that stems from a solid academic foundation. After graduating with a B.Com degree from Bengaluru University in 2011, he further honed his skills by completing an MBA from KSOU Mysore University in 2014. These academic achievements laid the groundwork for his ascent in the financial and accounting realm.

The formative years of Divakar’s career were marked by his role as an accountant in a prestigious Pvt. Ltd. Company until 2014. His tenure was a pivotal learning period during which he mastered various software tools like Excel, Word, and accounting software such as Tally. This hands-on experience not only enhanced his proficiency in these tools but also kindled his confidence to establish his own firm, DSK & ASSOCIATES, in 2014. His firm’s primary objective was to alleviate the burdens of businesses, enabling them to concentrate on growth, secure in the knowledge that their financial records were immaculate.

Through the years, Divakar’s firm attracted a diverse clientele, comprising both businesses and individuals. Their demand spanned from assistance with Income Tax computation and return filing to comprehensive insights into mandatory business procedures. Divakar’s commitment to staying current with evolving business landscapes, legislation, and industry advancements was unwavering. This commitment led him to build a team of experts across diverse fields, bolstering the quality and breadth of services his firm provided.

Word-of-mouth referrals soon became the backbone of his growing client base. The trust generated by consistently diligent and exceptional services further solidified Divakar’s reputation. His expertise expanded across various business verticals, accompanied by the ability to manage a substantial client load without compromising service quality.

Recognizing the potential for nationwide expansion, Divakar and his team decided to leverage online platforms for greater reach. With a team well-versed in state-specific tax laws and regulations, the foundation for rendering effective services across India was solidified. The advent of technology-enabled efficient remote communication, paving the way for delivering services to clients in even the most distant locations.

To ensure seamless client interaction and task management, a CRM application was implemented. This guaranteed timely communication and adherence to deadlines. In 2019, XPERTAX AUDITING BAZAAR PVT. LTD. was established, realizing Divakar’s vision of serving clients across India. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted paradigms, making remote collaboration more acceptable, and the domain name was registered for their upcoming e-commerce website. is set to provide clients with a user-friendly experience. The website offers customizable services across various domains, enabling online payments and order tracking. Divakar’s dedicated team ensures that every order is treated as a top priority, often surpassing client expectations. Continuous communication and updates are guaranteed, especially for services requiring sustained efforts.

In essence, Divakar Rastrakut’s journey from academic accomplishments to pioneering an online auditing platform epitomizes his commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and innovation in an ever-evolving financial landscape.

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