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In the competitive world of talent acquisition, being able to identify the right candidate quickly and accurately is paramount. Step into the future of recruitment with MyAnatomy, an AI-driven platform designed to streamline your hiring process, making it faster, smarter, and more efficient.

Imagine a platform that could sift through stacks of resumes in minutes, accurately assess a candidate’s skills, aptitude, and coding efficiency, and eliminate the need for repetitive interviews. With MyAnatomy, this is not just a dream but a reality. This comprehensive suite of AI-powered assessments filters out the noise and zeroes on top talent with unprecedented precision.

MyAnatomy offers three powerful digital platforms – MATCH, MAPIT and MOVIE, each revolutionizing different aspects of talent acquisition.

MATCH is a powerful outreach platform designed to simplify your recruitment process. It enables you to source, assess, interview, offer, and onboard top talent directly from your desk. This platform digitally transforms your campus/fresher hiring process into a breeze.

MAPIT, on the other hand, focuses on pre-employment assessments for role-specific skills. This platform boasts an AI and ML Based Cheating Prevention Mechanism, enabling remote invigilation of candidates during online tests. From assessing coding potential, cognitive ability, analytical and aptitude tests, to creating hackathons and coding challenges, MAPIT says goodbye to guesswork and hello to the perfect candidate.

MOVIE, the video interview platform, is designed to make scheduling video interviews and group discussions easy. With live chat options and whiteboard features for live coding tests, staying up-to-date with live interview updates and comprehensive candidate reports has never been easier.

But MyAnatomy goes beyond these platforms, offering on-site and online training via their HTD (Hire-Train-Deploy) model. This powerful tool minimizes human effort, cost, and time by 70-80% after onboarding, thus significantly increasing ROI. Additionally, their Intelligent Learning Management System (LMS) allows users to create and subscribe to customized courses, assignments, and projects based on their job or role, fostering professional growth and learning

MyAnatomy’s unique features include automated filtering mechanisms, pre-employment assessments, coding challenges, interactive English proficiency evaluations, white-label branding, and an extensive reporting and analytics dashboard. These features transform the hiring process, enabling businesses to focus on best-fit talent, save time and effort, gain detailed insights into candidates’ abilities, and create a seamless, professional experience for candidates.

In essence, MyAnatomy is a comprehensive, AI-driven talent acquisition platform that empowers businesses to hire smarter, faster, and more accurately. Say hello to a new era of smarter hiring with MyAnatomy!

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