Neena Chakraborty – Director Human Resources – GeBBS Healthcare SolutionsMost Promising HR Excellence Leader – 2023, Hyderabad



Neena Chakraborty emerges as a distinguished figure in the realm of human resources, garnering recognition as a Top 100 Great People Manager in India for the year 2023. With a career spanning over two decades, Neena has cultivated a wealth of experience across diverse industries including ITES, Healthcare, BPO, and Manufacturing. Renowned for her multifaceted skills, she has established herself as a catalyst for Leadership and Business Transformation Coaching, HRBP & Talent Management, and Employer Branding.

Neena’s professional journey is punctuated by a profound understanding of HR intricacies, making her a strategic asset in every organizational endeavour. Her acumen extends to dissecting complex challenges and architecting effective solutions, reflecting a proactive mindset that thrives on overcoming obstacles. With a keen eye for optimizing operational processes, she has consistently championed efficiency enhancements and cost-saving initiatives, often spearheading Lean & Green Belt projects that underscore her commitment to impactful change.

As a testament to her prowess, Neena Chakraborty stands as a beacon of People Success Leadership. Her dedication to talent development reverberates through her involvement in CXO-level hiring, an endeavor that reflects her knack for identifying and nurturing top-tier talent. Beyond mere recruitment, Neena exudes a genuine passion for cultivating a high-performance culture that fuels organizational growth.

Endorsed by a cohort of colleagues, Neena’s impact is palpable and enduring. Having garnered commendation from 9 associates at Sutherland Healthcare Solutions, her expertise resonates as a hallmark of excellence. This resonance is further amplified by the endorsements of two individuals within the past six months, a testament to her consistent and evolving impact.

In the sphere of HR, Neena Chakraborty not only navigates the intricate landscapes of talent, strategy, and efficiency but also encapsulates the spirit of a leader who steers holistic transformation. With an illustrious career defined by achievements and an unrelenting drive, Neena continues to shape the HR landscape, leaving an indelible imprint on every facet she touches.

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