Wellknox – Comprehensive Best Medical Rehabilitation Center of the Year – 2023, Hyderabad



Wellknox, a pioneering establishment in the realm of Medical Wellness & Rehab, has been instrumental in transforming the landscape of healthcare since its inception in 2014. With an unwavering commitment to aiding individuals grappling with medical limitations caused by illness, injury, or age-related factors, Wellknox employs a comprehensive approach encompassing medical, physical, mental, and wellness interventions. The ultimate goal is to optimize functionality and lifestyle, facilitating a resurgence of self-sufficiency and confidence, enabling individuals to lead their lives to the fullest.

Having introduced India’s inaugural In-Patient Medical Rehab Facility in Panjagutta, Hyderabad, with 25 beds, Wellknox’s journey has been marked by relentless innovation and expansion. Embracing new concepts and cutting-edge technology, it became the pioneering center in India to introduce Robotics, Gait Studio, Aqua Therapy, Long-Term ICU, Dialysis, Geriatric Wellness, Pediatric Rehab, and Wellness Research, amongst others.

Presently, Wellknox stands as a testament to excellence and progress in the arena of Rehab and Wellness. With a sprawling presence across three centers in Hyderabad – Banjara Hills, Kondapur, and Kukatpally, it’s India’s largest and most advanced facility of its kind. The promise of further growth and diversification is imminent, as Wellknox gears up to introduce novel wellness programs and facilities, such as the Wellknox Retreat, Kiddos, Senior Luv, The Ayurvedic Life, and Pain Clinics.

Co-founded by visionary Medico-Entrepreneurs, Dr. Swathi Prathipati MBBS, MD (General Medicine), and Dr. Siddarth Sai MBBS, MD (Hospital Admin), Wellknox owes its existence to their astute identification of a crucial gap in the healthcare sector. Driven by a profound passion for their cause, their aspirations extend beyond geographical boundaries, harbouring dreams of positioning Wellknox as a global leader in Medical Wellness & Rehab.

The journey of Wellknox has been adorned with a plethora of prestigious accolades and awards. Ranging from “Best Rehab Pan India” to “Best Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Sector,” and “Best Start-Up – Healthcare,” these recognitions are a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence.

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